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Set for June 30, 2012

Limited Edition prints of Old Water Young Mountain, James's shorty on the Sierre Leone honey hunters and the chimpanzee murder mystery will also be available for a modest price.  Git one!  

Also for silent action-  James's Sierra Leone drawings, including the ones seen below:



Latest News & What Comes Next

Following the Phase I workshops, subsequent monitoring of the participating villages has demonstrated that the Cash-Honey workshops have been effective in motivating the honey-harvesting communities of Sinkunia Chiefdom to shift gears- from a high-impact harvesting method with drastically fluctuating yield levels (producing primarily low-grade honey) from year to year, to a lower-impact, improved practice of beekeeping.  Continued monitoring of the participating beekeepers will determine if these more sustainable and practical methods of honey-harvesting will yield more consistent levels of high-grade honey year to year.  The new Sinkunia beekeepers have been taking advantage of the protective suits, smokers and harvesting gear provided by Cash-Honey, and improved honey-basket construction (this allows the cylindrical baskets to be re-used instead of destroyed during the harvest and provides an additional chamber for the queen) demonstrated during the workshops.  Various honey-harvesters and town chiefs in Sinkunia Chiefdom have been commissioning the manufacture of protective beekeeping suits and smokers from local tailors and mechanics, resulting in a small economic boost locally, another positive, yet unintended outcome of Phase I workshops. 

We believed going in to our pilot phase of the project that the potential for Cash-Honey to have a positive impact in the communities served was high being that the Yalunka people of Sinkunia are “honey people”, already fully invested in the harvesting and selling of honey, unlike the target communities in so many start-up apiculture-for-development projects.  We have seen that the participants take any offered support of their honey industry very seriously and work tirelessly in their pursuit of profitability and modernized practice.  Therefore, Cash-Honey is dedicated to continuing our support of the Sinkunia beekeepers until a sustainable and lucrative production system, independent of external input is established.  

So what comes next for Cash-Honey and the new beekeepers of northern Sierra Leone?  In July 2012 Cash-Honey will be returning to Sierra Leone with the second phase of workshops.  These workshops will involve the following:

  •   Continuing support (construction and problem-solving) for the improved basket-hives
  •   Development of marketing strategies for high-grade, raw honey
  •   Networking: Collaboration and development of marketing plan with other honey-harvesting         groups in and around Koinadugu district
  •   Instruction on manufacturing of honey extractors
  •   Apiary site selection 
  •   Further support for value-addition products (production and marketing)



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October 17 Fundraiser

We will be having a fundraiser on Saturday October 17. Details forthcoming.